Monday, 11 February 2019

Ever had your comments deleted?

Recently, a user posted a multimedia presentation about Pakistan’s tourism potential. Through a comment I shared my experience while showing foreign guests around several tourist sites, including Makli Tombs (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Katas Raj temple complex, Ranikot Fort and Hala.

My experiences didn’t advance the narrative propagated by the presentation. As a result, the author deleted my comments.

When I checked with the author about my comments, he informed me my statements were ‘propaganda’ and not comments - thus he thought it fine to delete them!

Yes, it’s the author’s post and he can moderate (or delete) comments at will. Though I can’t help wondering if removing comments (unless they are obscene or clearly out of line) simply because they don’t neatly fit with a particular narrative is insulting to the LinkedIn community?

LinkedIn is a platform for sharing ideas and constructive debate. It is not a vehicle for propagating opinions in a myopic manner. To advance ideas it is necessary to allow for contradictory facts and differing interpretations.

Have you had similar experiences on LinkedIn? How did it make you feel? Share your ideas below.

*The above article was first published on LinkedIn on February 11, 2019. 


Note: Imran is a former banker and has lived and worked in several countries during his international banking career. He enjoys traveling, especially by train, as a way to feed his curiosity about the world and nurture his interest in photography. He is a licensed freelance tour guide in Singapore. He is available on twitter (@grandmoofti); Instagram (@imranahmedsg) and can be contacted at