Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Art of Doing Good: Where Passion Meets Action - a book review

For anyone wishing to do good - and who doesn't - this is a wonderful book! 

Let me clarify, this book is not a standard 'self-help' book. It is a practical manual for those who wish to start (or are already involved with) a non-profit organization. The book provides useful tips peppered with personal anecdotes from practitioners which promise to make the life of any social entrepreneur easier and, hopefully, more successful. 

Social entrepreneurship or starting / managing a voluntary welfare organization is complicated. There are no hard and fast rules. Much has to be learnt 'on the fly.' Nonetheless, the author's have done well to provide readers with some basic principles in starting, managing and growing such organizations. 

The Art of Doing Good is a specialized work, not for everyone. For those who wish to get into the field of social entrepreneurship this book is an excellent place to start the journey. 

Imran is a former banker and has lived and worked in several countries during his international banking career. He enjoys traveling, especially by train, as a way to feed his curiosity about the world and nurture his interest in photography. He is a licensed freelance tour guide in Singapore. He is available on twitter (@grandmoofti); Instagram (@imranahmedsg) and can be contacted at