Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Why it’s Important to Have Hair

Many years ago I asked a friend why he is marrying at such an early age (25). He retorted by asking, 'Have you seen my hair? I will not have any hair left in a few years and who will agree to marry me then?!'

From the days of Samson it's always been about the hair. If one day I happen to locate the Holy Grail but I lose all my hair in the process, I will wonder whether it was worthwhile.

Yes, putting on the pounds and having high cholesterol are also unpleasant side effects of the aging process for males. However, to me baldness just seems far more frightening than a beer belly.

It may be a fashion among some today to shave their heads, especially when their hair is thinning. But there can only be so many Yul Brynner look-alikes on the streets at any one time. I saw 'The King and I' recently and I don't look anything like Yul Brynner.

Most aging rock stars still have hair and they are a decade or so older than me. Yes, it's difficult to tell whether that is natural hair or not but maybe that's just the point. They have hair and it looks natural.

I guess they spend a fortune in maintaining their hair. Me, I know how expensive Regaine (think of it as viagra for the hair) is but I will give up eating one daily meal before I give up my daily dose of Regaine!

It is hair we are speaking off. At my age, each strand of hair is worth its weight in gold. When I see hair in the drain of my shower I don't think how untidy that is but, 'Oh my God, I'm losing so much hair!'

If writing is cathartic then I better just say it. I will go bald one day and acceptance is the only answer. There, I said it and I said it in bold!

Until that sad and mournful day, let there be no doubt that I will fight like a madman to retain my natural hair using whatever magic potions I can find.

As a postscript, have you ever wondered why there are so many articles written about Michael Jackson's nose(s)? The answer is simple. The focus is on Michael Jackson's nose because he had a full head of hair right until the end!


  1. Imran,
    (Insert amused giggle here)

    A few subsidiary observations:

    1. Vain, much?

    2. Hair is so adolescent! and bald can be really HOT--but it's all about the attitude. Boys have hair--men have confidence. You have to know that you Look. Good.

    3. When the male pattern baldness turns into a Friar Tuck, shave off the fringe because it adds ten years to your age (hey, women go gray and look ten years older! Men look fantastic with gray hair.) And that guy with the long wispy hairs draped over his shiny pate? He's not fooling anyone--and he looks like a moron. Don't go there.

    4. Michael Jackson's hair? Totally a wig. I'd wager my split ends on it.

    5. Is the answer to "why it's important to have hair" "because I'm worried about my own virility?" ;) (I'm just sayin'.)

    I'm enjoying reading your stuff--and thanks for making me laugh today!

  2. Glad to see your comment and happy that you enjoyed the article. The adice on the hair is noted and well received. Virility, now that's a sensitive subject?! Worthy of more deliberation later ... if I am going to fight like a madman for hair then think of what I may do to maintain virility (I'm just sayin')? :) If I end up in a mental institution one day, it's all the fault of hair and virility!