Friday, 18 September 2009

Singapore Citizenship – Make English Language Tests Compulsory

The government is actively considering proposals to help facilitate the integration of new immigrants into Singapore. It is not a moment too soon.
The government has established a SGD 10 million fund which will be available to support social activities such as cultural gatherings and seminars. The other key recommendations of the Government led panel include encouraging immigrants to learn basic English and a Singapore 'orientation' program.

There is a large pool of potential immigrants for Singapore to choose from. The large number of Permanent Residents attests to that fact.
The government should make passing a simple English exam mandatory for all new Singapore citizens.
Citizenship tests and point systems for new immigrants have already been implemented in several countries, e.g. UK and Australia. Basic comprehension of English, also the main language in both countries, is part of the naturalization process.
English is the lingua franca of Singapore (and most of the world). It has taken over four decades for Singapore to create its brand image – English is an integral part of the brand.

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