Thursday, 7 January 2010

Personalities, nuclear technology, Brazil and pick-up lines

"Haven't I met you somewhere before?" and "you look so much like my [insert name here]" must be the two weakest pick-up lines that the male species has invented. Only slightly better than the age old, 'hit the woman over the head with a club and drag her home' strategy.

All humans not only consider themselves to be unique but, in so many ways, are unique. The person who we find geeky, boring and generally unworthy of our attention is a star to someone else. And not just to their mother.
The classical music loving aspiring poet may have little to discuss with a Manchester United football club maniac. Nevertheless, get either of them to talk about what they love and see the fire in their eyes.
All individuals have a passion for something. Unfortunately, some haven't figured out what that passion is. Others are too busy eking out a living. They don't have the time or luxury to explore their desires.
It takes courage to pursue dreams. One is continually shot down in flames. Only the persistent stand up and try again and again. And again.
Just don't get martyred for the same mistake twice. Or find your ego so badly damaged that it is painful to stand up again.
What does all this have to do with the two lame pick-up lines? Well, consider the message conveyed to the recipient of either line: the person is eminently forgettable and replaceable.
In other words, their personality is bland and ordinary so there is not one good reason to remember them.
As for looking like someone else, the point is the same. The person's looks are so common that they can pass off as someone else. There is nothing physically unique or attractive about them; they are just one of many other regular women out there.
The woman's ego, possibly inflated by the approach from an unknown male, has been deflated again by the opening line. Not a good start.
In the last few years, the world has changed in many ways.
The Chinese buy more cars than the Americans. Erstwhile communist East European countries are members of NATO and the 'Free World.' The Arabs buy nuclear technology from South Korea, until recently a 'Third World' nation. The public finances of Brazil, a basket case economy in the 1980s, are in better shape than most G-7 nations.
A few things have not changed. Whether in a bar or on the street, it still takes courage to approach an unknown female. Don't blow the first contact by using an inconsiderate opening line.
Remember, each of us is one of a kind.

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