Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mao, colonialism, ‘ang mos’ and the Great Wall

"The foreigners we are talking about are those Western-looking people. We want to ensure that the international community is pure," said Mr. Wang of the Tainfu International Community in Chengdu.
A panda at the Chengdu Panda Research Breeding Base

This is no joke. Only Ang Mos and Gweilos allowed; disgraceful behaviour for a people who commonly refer to foreigners as 'devils' (red haired to boot)!
The world has been turned on its head. For decades, nay centuries, China tried everything in its power to keep foreigners out. It railed against the injustices of preferential trading privileges to Westerners in special trading zones, leave alone the Opium Trade. The Great Wall of China was not built to encourage tourism.
Now China builds exclusive zones for the Pure International community!
Deng Xiaoping's legacy for modern China includes foreign exchange reserves totalling US Dollars 1.4 trillion and an economic influence that reverberates among policy makers in global capitals. Unlike most nations, China spends itself out of recession with earned money, not borrowed money.
Surely, economic power brings with it a confidence to stand equally with former colonials. A poise which precipitates returning captured air force jets disassembled and part by part only to spite imperialist powers.
Greed is powerful motivator. It seems also to lead to amnesia.

New Age Maoism relegates the Chinese to second class citizens in an independent People's Republic. Imperialist and neo-imperialist expatriates are a source of foreign exchange reserves. More power to them!
Perhaps the Chengdu sub-provincial city requires a new political commissar? One better versed with Mao's Little Red Book.

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