Sunday, 10 July 2011

Open letter to SMRT: eating on Singapore's MRT trains

Lately, incidents of eating and drinking on Singapore's MRT system have increased dramatically. Often, even after being confronted about their inconsiderate behaviour by other commuters, individuals remain unmoved and continue eating or drinking.
After a similar incident, I enquired from MRT ground staff if there was a telephone number for commuters to inform MRT staff about such infringements. There is no such number. It was suggested that in the future I activate a train's emergency button and allow ground staff to address the violation at the next station.
SMRT should consider establishing a 'litterbug' hotline for travellers to report inconsiderate commuters
I remain unconvinced that disrupting the train journey of several hundred passengers for a food or drink violation is appropriate. Instead, I suggest SMRT should evaluate establishing a telephone 'hotline' on which commuters may lodge complaints in real time about rule breakers. Inspectors may then board the train at the next station and fine any culprits without disrupting normal train services.
SMRT must implement a zero tolerance policy towards eating and drinking on trains. Setting up mechanisms to make it easier to enforce existing policies will benefit all regular train travellers.

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