Sunday, 9 August 2009

2006 Bordeaux Wine at USD 600 a Bottle?

I am not a wine connoisseur and until (if ever) I make my millions I will certainly not spend USD 600 on a bottle of wine. Nevertheless, there is no harm in reading (or writing) about wine.

It was earlier believed that 2006 vintage will be a great year for first growth Bordeaux wines. Red wines from several of the most prestigious chateaux (Latour, Haut Brion, Mouton Rothschild, Lafite Rothschild and Margaux) have just been released for drinking.

Wine in glass with bottle and grapes

2006 was meant to be a good year for Bordeaux wines

According to the well known wine journalists and husband and wife team of Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher the wines do not meet expectations.

For those who have the money (and inclination), the suggestion is to wait at least another year before purchasing any 2006 Bordeaux as prices are expected to decrease. (For the rest of us, it means that a cheaper 2006 Bordeaux may not be as great as we might have earlier believed!)

Watch a short video clip (approx. 4 minutes) of their comments on the 2006 vintage here.


  1. I thought alcohol is haram for Muslims. How come you appear to be promoting it?

  2. Hello Solo Bear,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your comment / question. Rather than make an 'off the cuff' response I will prefer to respond in more detail (via a post) soon.

    However, I will say that, in my opinion, drinking alcohol is a personal choice. We are all accountable for our own actions only to God. Let Him by the judge.

    Meanwhile, I remain a 'half-Muslim' (please Moscato Wine, Ghalib and 'Half Muslims').

    There are many worse sins that are being committed in the name of Islam. If some our 'Talibs' relaxed a bit they may not feel the need to blow themselves up periodically - and taking away many precious innocent lives with them.

    Kind regards,


    PS - You might find (red and white) Turkish wine easy drinking and worth a try.

    PPS - Murree Brewery Corporation (in Rawalpindi, Pakistan) makes great beer. It has the distinction of being the first company in the Islamic world to distill a 14 (if memory serves me correctly) year old single malt whiskey!