Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Pakistani Transvestites Cashing in on their Rights

Following the recent announcement by the Supreme Court of Pakistan declaring that the government take immediate steps to stop discrimination against transvestites in the country, they seem to have won another victory.

A cricket match between the 'Sanam (Beloved) XI' and the 'Olympians XI' took place in Sukkur, Sindh recently. The Sanam team, captained by Sanam Khan, was formed entirely of transvestites.

The match was played in front of a full house at the local sports stadium.

To date, cricket mad Pakistan has been represented at the international level by a men's and women's team.

Not only did the 'Sanam XI' win their inaugural cricket match but the 'Man of the Match' came from their 'Sanam (Beloved) XI' team.

Perhaps the transvestites can translate their success on the cricket field into the political arena and make another run for the Prime Minister's post in the next general elections?

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