Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Temasek vs. Orchard Towers: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Orchard Towers is well known to both visitors and residents of Singapore. What cannot be resolved at ASEAN summits by our leaders is often resolved through 'people to people' contact among ASEAN citizens.
But the global economic crisis has caught up with Singapore's own venue for ASEAN mini-summits. 'Bonhomie' at Orchard Towers has hit a new low.
A recent article (August 23) published in the Straits Times outlined a peculiar problem associated with highly specialized 'Foreign Talent.'
Catfights between rival staff of newly opened massage parlours have become a regular daytime feature in Orchard Towers.
It seems even churchgoers are feeling the heat. (Church services are regularly held on the seventh floor of the building.)
Is this just one more example of squeaky clean Singapore's hard earned brand image slowly being squandered? Or am I missing the forest for the trees, i.e. this is all part of the 'New Pulsating' Singapore desired by the younger generation of Singaporeans.
Let's not forget the fine distinction between transparency and openness.
Disclosures (say) pertaining to national wealth, e.g. Temasek, is 'transparency' while licensing differing lifestyles is 'openness' and social progress.

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