Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Afghanistan, US Troops and the Impending Fall of Kandahar

It is shocking to note that despite the large NATO / US troop presence in Afghanistan, it appears that Afghanistan's second most important city of Kandahar is in danger of falling to the Taliban. Apparently, the Taliban have already established a parallel judicial system in the city comprising of Shariah courts.

What are these NATO / US troops doing in Kandahar – patrolling and securing the perimeters of their base?

U.S. Marines Continue Suppression Of Insurgents

Kandahar is not a village or valley outpost in rural Afghanistan. It is a large urban area which even has a functioning airport serving international destinations. Additionally, the city is the spiritual home of the Taliban and its leader Mullah Omar (USD 10 Million bounty available!).

Securing Kandahar is symbolically and practically vital if the international effort in Afghanistan is to succeed.

Watch a short (2 minutes) video clip by award winning Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Spiegel about a classified assessment of the ground situation in Afghanistan now being prepared for US General Stanley McChrystal. General McChrystal ordered the review after being recently appointed over as the new US commander in Afghanistan.

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