Friday, 7 August 2009

Of Zouk, the Women's Charter, Damnation and Satan's Lair

If the practice of Yoga is deemed to be un-Islamic (see my 'Islamic Republic of Malaysia') then visiting clubs must be a sure path to damnation?

I must admit that earlier this week I paid for the privilege to enter one of Satan's lairs here in Singapore. Zouk, the elegant though ageing queen of Singapore's lively night scene, was the venue for my little escapade.

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It was money well spent. I had a great time but I do remain wary of that thunderous bolt of lightning which is meant to strike me down at any moment (as some Mullahs lead me to believe) as retribution for consorting with the devil.

Zouk's 'buy one get one free' drink promotion until midnight meant that most of the adults were happily cruising by 1 AM and many of the kids were ready to pass out by the same time!

But one thing stood out. Sure, I did not conduct a formal study nor is my sample size significant BUT it did seem as if most of the binge drinkers (as measured by the stationary crowd outside the restrooms) were young girls.

In the past, I could have sworn it was almost always the men who were ready to pass out after a night out.

It seems that the Women's Charter has levelled the playing field for women even in the area of alcohol consumption.* Although I have not read any statements in the newspaper commending this particular step on the path towards a more egalitarian society, I am sure they are not long in the coming.

*International readers please note that the Singapore Women's Charter of 1961 is the legal basis for ensuring equality between the sexes in the city-state.

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